5 Things to Do BEFORE Working With Chinese Dropshippers & Suppliers (Aliexpress & Alibaba Tips)
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Great tips from a subject-matter expert. Here is a brief overview of the page and video from WholesaleTed.com (click the link to see all the info).

Whilst working with Chinese suppliers can save you heaps of money, it can also make you lose some. If you don’t pick the right supplier, the consequences can really be damaging:

    • You can get overcharged by a supplier , and lose out on the real profits you should be making.
    • You could purchase poorly manufactured items, and won’t even know till an unhappy customer returns it back, and leaves a slimy review.
    • You could get sued. Probably the worst one out of them all. The sad thing is, it’s really easy to expose yourself to this situation, without even knowing it.

While it’s true that a single supplier could make or break your business in a single day, there are many awesome ones to work with. Best of all? Finding them isn’t that hard.

I’m going to show you how.

Source: wholesaleted.com


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