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Use your breath as an anchor

Try using your breath as an anchor. Any time you notice your mind has wandered, take a deep breath and really pay attention to the feeling of it.

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Record any excuses

If you decide not to meditate one day, make a note of your reasoning. Seeing the excuse written down can help to minimize it. Tomorrow it won’t have t

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Get comfortable with discomfort

Trying to resist these emotions, give them your full attention and allow them to come and go.

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Get creative about location

it’s recommended that your regular meditation practice happens in the same place every day for consistency

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Start early time

Try to meditate first thing in the morning. That way you can be sure that it actually gets done and not bumped off the to-do list as the day gets more

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Let your soul Relax- Meditate

The meditation is just being comfortable with your own existence, listening the rhythm of your liveliness and dancing over the melodies of that your s

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Cut off the negativity

The negative thoughts and emotions grown within you, to override the courage you have. But don’t let them win, it’s difficult, it may takes few months

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Want to surprise someone at the airport but don’t know their arrival time or flight number?

Google where they’re flying from and to, and the airline they are on e.g. Singapore Airlines Singapore to London. You’ll get all the info you need.

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Google Alerts for the location

If you live near a stadium or a hall that hosts public venues, set Google Alerts for the location to avoid being “surprised” by sudden traffic congest

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