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Get quick summaries of articles online

To get quick summaries of articles online, get and use the Chrome extension TLDR. The plugin shows you the gist of the article so you can figure out

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YouTube video into a GIF?

Want a quick way to turn part of a YouTube video into a GIF? Add “GIF” after “www.” and before “youtube” in the URL of the video .

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Wear compression socks to make your flight more bearable

Compression socks can be your ultimate lifesaver.

Spending long slights cramped up can ruin your whole trip, when you land and find your ankles

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How to scroll back up

Hitting the Spacebar scrolls down a web page; hitting the Spacebar + Shift lets you scroll back up.

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Get comfortable with discomfort

Trying to resist these emotions, give them your full attention and allow them to come and go.

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Save Money by Making Biweekly Mortgage Payments

Source: Maybe you’ve heard whispers among friends and family that making biweekly mortgage payments — once every two weeks instead of …

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Use SelfControl to block social network

Use SelfControl to block social network sites for a period of time. Cool app, ironic name

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Rewire your emotions

Meditation is a way of rewiring your brain so you no longer have negative associations, and can unload the mental baggage that has been a burden

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Re-open an accidentally closed browser

To re-open an accidentally closed browser tab, use Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + T.

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Clear Browsing Data

In Chrome, click Cmd / Ctrl + Shift + Del to quickly access the “Clear Browsing Data” Window.

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Mark your baggage as fragile

This process simply requires you to request a ‘fragile’ sticker at the counter and it does not cost you a penny more. Not only does the sticker assure

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Bruce Lee Calm

“One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.”

Categories Motivation

Attach bread clips to each cable??

Attach bread clips to each cable or power cord, then label the clips with a pen or marker to reflect which cable is which.

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Record any excuses

If you decide not to meditate one day, make a note of your reasoning. Seeing the excuse written down can help to minimize it. Tomorrow it won’t have t

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7 ways to eat to boost your brainpower, without taking supplements

Naturally enhance cognition, learning and memory with nootropic foods. Here’s what they are. By Yasmin Noone In our recent pursuit to become …

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For an equal split of sound of your tunes

For an equal split of sound of your tunes when sharing your headphones with a friend, turn on the Mono audio option on your phone.

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Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Chemicals that Interfere with Sleep

avoid caffeine (found in coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, some pain relievers) for 4-6 hours before bedtime. smokers should refrain from tobacco product

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Get a tough-to-crack password

To get a tough-to-crack password, use non-English characters on your keyboard

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To find sample tests for a looming exam

To find sample tests for a looming exam, search “site:edu [subject] exam”.

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Keep a pen in every bag/pocket

Pens usually come in handy in the millennial world and asking a stranger for one every time you need to sign a paper or just note down a detail-

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